Running Injury

Do You Know What’s Really Causing your Running Injuries?

Preventing injuries while running may seem difficult even at the best of times, especially if you are putting in heavy mileage, adjusting to new shoes or just running on new terrain.

Recent studies estimate that between 19% and 79% of runners sustain an overuse injury in a 1 year period.  Recurrence of injuries is also common.  20 – 70% of injuries will come back.  Continue Reading…

laptop causing injury

Is your laptop causing you injury?

This post arose out of a need to answer all of my patients’ questions regarding their laptops and the best way to position them, especially when they are not sitting at the same desk all the time or when they are not in the same place all the time.

Is your laptop causing you injury?

The use of laptops for home, work and school has increased dramatically over the past decade. The US has the highest percentage of mobile workers in its workforce at almost 72%! Continue Reading…