Does your low back hurt when you sit? 

This is a fairly common scenario not only because many people sit all day, but because back pain can be felt in the same place by many people, but you all could have different sources to your problem. Many times the back is the victim.

Consider a patient scenario: Left sided low back pain, worse with sitting and driving.

You are fine for years and then one day out of the blue, your back hurts after a long meeting. Was it the chair? Was it because you started doing the stationary bike more? Or was it because you had a long drive the weekend before?

Such was the case for one of my patients. In order to get to a sitting position, you have to squat first. So I assessed her squat.   Every time she squatted, her whole body rotated to the right. The body takes the path of least resistance. And her path was right.


sit to stand

But why did that happen?  It could be many reasons. She sits like that all day long, or she had a left foot injury that prevented her from going lower so she compensated by turning to the right? (a common scenario, by the way)   Or was it because she could not flex her left hip because of hip joint stiffness or some muscular tightness?

As it turns out, she had a hip joint restriction as well as tight adductors and a tight piriformis muscle. Treatment to her hip and some modifications at work helped to solve her problem.



Remember your symptom is not necessarily the cause of your problem.

Low Back Pain: Symptom

Hip: Source


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