Thought I would add another glimpse into my podcast and how helping people with persistent pain is something I LOVE to do!!     Please click on the graphic above for a sneak peak.

Now, this is a CHALLENGING one! Ever have those patients who have been everywhere, had everything done to them (injections, surgeries, acupuncture) and nothing helped?  Well, this is your lucky day because this episode really takes us down the chain from head to toe with someone who had low back pain. Pretty standard, right?  But this was FAR from standard. Hint: her low back was not the source of her problem.

We owe it to our patients to perform a whole body assessment, educate them and above all, LISTEN to them. When you have persistent pain and no one has been able to help you,  you want a solution and you want to be heard.

I have been down that route myself with many injuries over the years and the quality I value most in a health care practitioner, is their ability to listen and look me in the eye.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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