“The Relationship of Our Body to Our Mind Is More than Just a Tagline. It’s a Real Thing.”

I am so honored to have been interviewed by Gretchen Rubin upon the launch of my new book, Why Do I Hurt? Discover the Surprising Connections That Cause Physical Pain and What To Do About Them”.

Here is the link to the interview.


We discuss pain, habits, happiness and productivity.  You may not be surprised that these all can relate to each other in very interesting ways.  Movement in whatever form is good for your body, mind and soul. And when you make that a habit, even better!

In the interview, I talk about how the delivery of a diagnosis to someone is the most important interaction we have with our patients.  Health care professional’s words matter. The way it is delivered can have a placebo effect or it can be a nocebo.  Read the interview for more on that.

It is extremely compelling when you tell a patient that they have a choice versus telling them that they must do something or they will never get better.  Really different words with an enormous effect on how we process pain.


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