What to do when you have back pain with sitting? How do you get to a seated position? You squat of course!!

Low back pain with sitting is extremely common. I had it for years when I worked on a trading floor. Thankfully, I had an extension cord for my headset and was able to get up and move while talking to clients.

The key to “good posture” is to vary it. Plain and simple! There is no right or wrong way to sit and thinking otherwise is misguided. Just get up and move!

When you do have back pain with long periods of sitting, think about your bias. What I mean is, how are you sitting? Are you sitting all day turned to the right looking at your computer, or are you writing and taking notes while on a conference call, leaning on your desk at the same time?

This may seem trivial but if you do them day and day out, for weeks, months, years, it adds up and could potentiate a back problem. If you do suffer from back pain with prolonged sitting, look at the ergonomics of your office and notice what you do all day-it could be quite revealing! And furthermore, look at your squat, that may be even more telling!

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